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What did I just watch????!!!! What series of decisions ends up with that as your look and sound? Definitely in the running for worst metal vocalist of all time.

Jasta 11

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WTF.....clearly a case that the singers rich parents supplied the gear so the band has no choice but to put up with him and his dumpy shirtless cousin that sings backup and supplied the wigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My, oh my, how the quality of music has fallen these passed couple of decades!

Bunch of poofs!

And this is part of the problem.....Anyone can be a singer, anyone can be a musician.
Sad to see music as a sad parody of itself.

I couldn't watch the whole thing. I didn't think it was funny either.

Hey Bonebrains! The next time you wanna make real music turn on the radio!


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I find this band to be very refreshing. It's time for canary metal to work it's way into legitimacy. Not only does the front man take a stern and positive stance, he allows for a bit of humor in allowing the drummer to see part of his butt crack thanks to the low profile waistline of his tough guy trousers. The leather "opera gloves" prove he's not fooling around. There is also a camaraderie between the players you don't see in other forms of metal music. Quite honestly it is long overdue. I am now going to search for their complete library and proclaim their greatness to all.

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As C.M. has stated above.....

I purchased my first Zildjian at age 11; a 20" Rock Ride. That cymbal has been my go-to gigging cymbal ever since. All the history with that cherished cymbal; The lousey blues gigs, the jazz gigs, the loud rock gigs, the night the bartender from Long Branch raised her shirt and flashed me and I didn't miss a beat!
If only Zildjians could talk!
Good old Barkeepers Friend cleaned and shined that beautiful piece of history back to a beautiful sheen, and it still sounds great!

But I digress......


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..........Okay, so I watched it with the audio off.

Forgive my french, but the singer is a prissy, pant-load doo-bag.

He's wearing bath tub mats around his arms. I saw the little suction cups.

The stupid smile at 2:45

The guitarist on the left has man-boobs.

The drummer looks like a Canary in heat.

Thanks for the video!

Al Strange

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As a Zildjian player, I can appreciate that statement. I sometimes ask myself why I left the Paiste camp, but it's somewhat sentimental for me, as Zildjian is inseparable from my early days as a drummer. See what happens when emotion enslaves you?

Joking aside, I’m looking into expanding my cymbal collection and have my eye on a couple of Z*******s... (y) :D