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I need to get new heads for my bass drum pretty soon. I went to guitar center not too long ago and played on an EMAD batter and it sounded great. I played at a local bar last night and the drummer had an EMAD batter and an EQ3 reso. I mostly played metal and his bass drum sounded a little boomy but it was still good.

What heads would be good for metal? I was thinking EMAD2 batter and an EMAD (thickness?) reso. I know you guys get pissed if you ask how to recreate someones drum sounds, but is it possible to get a similar sound to Chris adler? Doesn't have to be just like his, I just dont want a resonant boom.


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I have used both for quite some time now. I prefer the EMAD over the EMAD2. The E2 just sounds a little too dead and not as punchy as the EMAD. I have never had the plastic ring fall off either, some people have had problems with this plastic ring.


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My Renowns came with an EMAD and what a dead sound. I now use an EQ3 and love it. You should be able to tune it with pretty much any reso with storing your laundry in the drum.