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Drum seats are called thrones! Why hasn't anyone capitalized on this yet??

Here's what I'm thinking. Drum wraps that look like stone walls. A portcullis painted on the front of the kick. Blue rug to look like a moat. Little flags extending from the tops of the cymbals. Maybe some cardboard battlements attatched to the rack. Burger King crown to be worn at all times. And why not; get a big stupid chair worthy of being called a throne.

Also I could say "King in de castle, king in de castle" and at least my girlfriend would think it was funny.

I am full of bad ideas.


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Hey, why not?

Also, take advantage of putting this in the part of the forum where it belongs. This is definitely drum related and doesn't belong in the "Off Topic" section ;-)

Now I need a crown. Ooh, ooh, a scepter too!!