Enthusiastic Kids Might Actually Know Something

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Enthusiastic Kids Might Actually Know Something

SKF NOTE: I think his name is Chris. He was a young guy who called me from time-to-time, at Modern Drummer, full of enthusiasm about a local upstate New York drummer he said we should interview Chris was the only person in the world I heard talk about this local drummer.

This drummer's only claim to fame was, Chris liked him and, according to Chris, this local drummer studied with Gary Chester. Oh, and the drummer consistently wowed patrons at a local club.

Long story short: It was not long before this local drummer had landed a gig touring with Simon and Garfunkel. His name was Dave Weckl.

I did, indeed, interview Dave but no one else at MD thought he warranted a feature interview at the time. So my Dave Weckl feature interview was published in a much shortened version as a profile.

For me, Chris's enthusiasm and persistent phone calls were a good lesson. Gold is where you find it. And he was aware of Dave Weckl's talent before lots of people - including the full Modern Drummer staff.

If Chris reads this, it would be great hearing from him.

Somewhere I have my Dave Weckl feature interview transcript. When I find it I will post it here. It might be fun to revisit what he had to say on the cusp of well-deserved fame.

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In my circle of musician and drummer friends, I was the first to discover Weckl, too. He had already recorded with Chick at that point, but in the pre-interwebs days, word didn't spread fast like it does now, so I was way ahead of the curve. I heard Got A Match off the Elektric Band debut and lost it.

Then I started scouring the talk shows hoping the band would play as a musical guest. I got lucky and somehow got word that Chick's Elektric Band would appear on the Arsenio Hall show. So I set my VCR and taped it. His instructional video (VHS back then) came out soon after and I studied that thing religiously. I remember anxiously awaiting the MD cover feature, which came soon thereafter.

My drummer friend and I used to talk about a Top Ten list of drummers (silly, but we had fun arguing about it). When Weckl came out and I played him for my buddy, we both instantly agreed he'd go on the list. I think he's the only drummer we ever reached such a quick consensus on.