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Short answer: If a company can make money by associating themselves with you (because you're advertising their brand), you may be interesting to them. If they can't see that potential, you won't get an endorsement deal. Not now, not ever. A drum company is a business, and they're ultimately interested in making money.

So yeah, if you play loads of live shows or sessions, or you've got heaps of views on YouTube or whatever, and if you can talk highly of their stuff, advertise their brand with a sticker on your kick drum head and recommend their stuff to loads of other drummers, you may have a chance.

If your primary motivation for getting a deal is because you want cheap gear, forget it. That's not anywhere close to being in their best interest. Not only is there nothing in it for them, but it's also clear that you're not actually interested in their gear because you like it. You just come across as wanting to save money, and you'll take gear from whatever brand is willing to give it to you.


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Yep, just like I shop at the cheaper supermarkets for food and buy my car insurance from the cheapest bidder. Blame Lehman Brothers.

That's not the same thing. Shopping at the cheapest supermarket is comparable to shopping at the cheapest drum store. What you're after is finding a supermarket that will give you cheaper or free stuff just because you ask for it.