end of guitar centre?


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I hope they all shut down.... Sams Ass as well

I prefer the days when everyone went to the hardware store where the owner knew your name and not Home Depot
I like the variety. Small hardware for quick in an out, big box for major purchases with decent discounts. I worked at a box so I see both sides. Better attention at the small, but I don’t require much help and if I’m not sure, I search online and know where to look right down to the aisle and bin.


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Now almost five years after I first read this article and GC is still up and running - somehow. I haven't seen any recent news on their financial situation.

I love the Little Rock GC, but the drum department is sadly neglected and stale, while all the other departments are well stocked and manned. I don't get the short shrif with drums, especially when it comes to cymbals and essential accessories like sticks and heads. Just doesn't make sense to me.



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Yup, within the past year or so they've built two within a one-hour drive of where I am (granted they are pretty small though). Before this, the closest one was a 1:45 drive.