EMAD kick heads problems


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Am I the only one who has problems with the EMADs? The plastic retaining ring that holds the foam ring in place always cracks and separates leaving the both the plastic ring and foam ring flapping in the wind. It doesn't take too long for this to happen and it's not the first time this has happened. I initially gave Evans the benefit of the doubt but enough is enough as this is apparently a repeat problem. This is obviously a design flaw that needs to be corrected.

Sorry for the venting!


There are many people experiencing the same identical problem. I heard that they were looking into a "fix", but I don't know if they came up with one.



I've just noticed yesterday that the ring started to crack on mine.
I've got the Emad1, is it the exact same plastic ring on the EMAD2?

It sucks big time since I don't plan on changing my bassdrum head every month or so.


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I had the same problem with them, went through 2 of them, you can order just the rings, I believe you get 2 in a package, however they will fail eventually as well. I say go with a different brand. I'm not a big evans head fan anyway.


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There are posts on this subject already, I know because I added to it many times with this issue. I was told that the issue was resolved and bought another head, that too cracked. I was even sent a replacement from the Evans at no cost. I really appreciated their concern and new head. However after the head being on the drum for about 2 months the same thing happened. It's too bad because I loved the deep punch and low end the single ply head gave me. But at $50.00 a pop it was getting too expensive. I now use the PS3 and it's a great head as well. Maybe if you don't gig a lot and your kit stays put it might not be an issue? I setup and tear down about 120 gigs per year so my hands are always all over the drums!

Good luck, if anyone finds out more detail or if Evans finally gets it fixed please post.


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I have 4 emad 2's on various kicks, never had cracking problems after a year in service. My main gripe is that you can't really attach a ddrum trigger to an emad equipped head. You'd think that they would form the ring with a "dip" in it so that those kind of triggers would work.
I used to be an EMAD guy till the end (used both single and double plies), I bought probably ten of them that eventually all cracked, just as you mentioned.

I switched over to an Aquarian Superkick II. I haven't looked back. It sounds just as good (my opinion better). It does the same job as an EMAD, but the outer dampening is much more secure and cannot crack and fall apart on you. I love Evans, but they lost me on the EMADs.


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I have posted here before regarding my own problems with the plastic ring cracking. I have switched over to the Remo PS3, great head don't get me wrong but really was happy with the EMAD. I also tried the Super Kick 1, even the single ply was too dead for my taste.

This afternoon I took my EMAD and I super glued the foam ring on the inside of the head like the Super Kick. I let it sit for an hour and just tried it out. So far it seems to be working out great. Just something you might want to try. Help save you a few bucks.

Evans, maybe you should try it this way and forget the ring!