Elvis Movie

Huw Owens

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I have to admit being disappointed by it, but perhaps that was because I didn't realise that it was a Baz Lehrmann film...

That said, there were lots of parts of it that on reflection were good, but all together they make for an overlong film, I thought. My main motivation for going was to see how they'd portrayed Sister Rosetta Tharpe (I'm a big fan), seeing how there'd been publicity about that aspect. She was barely in the film at all, which didn't go down well here. Oh well, I should know better than to trust publicity! lol


No Way Jose

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It shows that when Elvis was a boy he visited churches and clubs where there was a vigorous kind of dance going on. It must have been a local fad because such dancing was not shown on TV at that time.


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My wife wants to see it- me not so much but Tom Hanks is in it and he is usually in good to decent films. I’ll go to support my wife and critique film with mocking remarks “Kurt Russel made a better Elvis” -“Bet they had to pay Hanks a fortune to appear in this film” stuff like that I could really care less but she does ROFL


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I thought it was entertaining but it didn't really give much insight into Elvis Presley as a person. I wouldn't go to see it expecting to learn anything about Elvis.

Vintage Old School

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Austin Butler and Tom Hanks did a superb job as actors, but overall the film fell flat for me. I wouldn't recommend it nor would I have any desire to see it again. Parts seemed over exaggerated or sensationalized. The script failed to encapsulate how generous a person Elvis was to family and friends. Film should have been titled The Making Of Elvis--The Colonel Parker Story, but how many people would pay to see that?

Jeremy Crockett

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It couldn't be as good as this:



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Another Elvis movie-what just a new era of actors to do a remake of his story?

Well that's got me thinking about when I die. I don't want some clown playing me or making a mockery of my life-so I want to go ahead and write my story-before I die. Write my movie. I'll have to write daily to keep things up to date. It'll be great though right now it hasn't reached the end-no I'm not giving that away. I wish River Phoenix was alive to play me as a young teen, but Harrison Ford can play me now. Heck maybe I don't die but I'm taken away in an alien spacecraft. Sort of like Cocoon except no Steve Gutenberg is in it, and no cocoons-least I don't think??? Maybe aliens place me into a cocoon for thousands of years and then new intelligent life , living in the future, finds me and incubates my cocoon so I hatch. Now this intelligent life will be insect-like so they think I'm likely another big bug in the cocoon. But nope. That intelligent life , thousands of years in the future, will be so different from me I will be treated like a hideous Alien. And because the intelligent life looks like big bugs to me-I smash them, kill them and eat them so I'm a be a big ugly monster. Insects are a good source of protein. Wow what a trip-I though Chapter III was tripping.