Elvin Jones Resolution Transcription Progress Log Entry #1


Elvin Jones, those most unique creature in my opinion to ever sit behind a set of drums.
Organically weaving a web of emotionally driven rhythms while walking a tightrope balancing delicate and rumbling triplets. Pushing and pulling the beat. Stretching it like a rubber band creating the most beautiful tension and releasing like Vesuvius.
His drumming, nearly impossible to transcribe and even more difficult to attempt to recreate.
I'll never pretend to be able to do his playing justice but there is something so satisfying about feeling the notes that came off of his limbs come off mine.
This is Log Entry #1 of my progress 1 1/4 pages into an 8 page transcription of the Coltrane tune Resolution transcribed by Stephen Bigelow.
Elvin Jones ... the G.O.A.T.
... Rogers drums. Byrne Cymbals and Zildjian cymbals


Terry Branam

Official DW Chief Transcriber
Great job, man! Transcribing Elvin is such a huge undertaking. So is playing the stuff! It's a worthwhile venture just to get some of that stuff to seep into your playing.


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I always dig watching your playing man. Beautiful work. His and your playing on "Resolution" reminds me of a pot just about to boil over but you catch it just in time to adjust the fire.


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Sweet!!! Great to see your post Tony. The only criticism I have is that it is too short ;) (actually I think this is the perfect format we should use for all videos-short and sweet). That Roger's snare offers the perfect articulation for your playing (love those drags). I note you're playing near edge and it still sounds nice, fat, warm. Most snares sound shifts off center towards edge but it seems those Roger Dynasonic's sound the same no matter where you hit it? That is the Roger's Dyna?


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Elvin's playing was so colorful, and that's exactly the same word I'd use to describe the sounds in this vid. Nice playing. It's so impressive how it can feel both stretched and explosive but I tapped my foot through the whole thing!

Emulating is one thing, but I wonder how he came up with those type of ideas to be able to sound so unique.