Elvin In a Bind


Anthony Amodeo

Where would I be able to hear your playing?
there are various recordings floating around of my jazz playing that i could send you links to

or multiple records I could lead you to that I have recorded that you can find on iTunes.

or you can search YouTube for a rock band I was in for a long time called All Parallels....there are a number of our music videos that were filmed over the years
here are a few of those

or check out some break downs of Elvin licks I recently put on YouTube for starters

here is are links to the Elvin licks
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Getting your wife to set up and break down your kit is pretty badass.
A few years ago I dated a girl that really liked the drums; actually I ended up teaching her how to play and selling her a kit before we broke up. Anyways, whenever I played a gig she would help me out and sort of be my honorary drum tech, and would always give me a thumbs up if my toms/etc. sounded good out front or if I needed to tweak something. That was pretty cool!