electronic sound


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hi to all

ı am really noob in this subject but ı think this is really right place to ask so;

ı use acoustic setup but ı want to get at least 1 snare or some pad to get this electronic snare,kick or this kind of sounds

what do you recommend me to use for this subject

thanks for help


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If you want true electronic sounds the roland is the way to go...However if you are looking to replicate electronic sounds on the accoustic (which is what I do)...there are a few ways to do this. THe first and probably the coolest is the "Drumbal"...in essence a small cymbal either 8" or 10" relitavely thin splash that when placed on snares and other drums gives you a really cool sampled snare sound...you can even replicate hand claps this way...I use a 10" Zildjian A custom splash with a cheap hi hat clutch to use as a handle. You can also look at cymbal stacks and X-hats. I use a 12" wuhan on the bottom of a x-hat with a 10" splash as the top...it gives you a quick trashy accent that works great in electronic music. Be sure to check out Jojo Mayer and Johnny Rabb on Youtube...they are the masters of the electronic sounds....