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Hi All,

I am new to drumming and have had lessons off and on for a couple of years. I bought a great Roland TD-11KV a while ago.

I have been using it regularly and am really pleased with it, but I am not entirely happy with the sound of the toms. I know you can put it on different music sounds depending on what you want to play but is there anyway I can customise the sound generally.

I feel the Toms are too echoey and I want to have a more of a thud sound if that makes sense. I have had a look at the instructions etc but haven't found anything on it.

Any help on this will be appreciated as I have been frustrated with it for a while.



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The #1 question is, what are you using for amplification? Unless you have a decent PA, you probably won't be happy with any settings.

Basically, you have to experiment with the module settings and the PA.

Start by scrolling thru the instruments and find the closest toms to your liking. Then search for any adjustments/modifications you can make on the module I'm not sure if any tone adjustments exist. I have always been able to find something close enough and then tweek them with the EQ on my PA.


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I have a TD9kx and there are some advanced options to modify the ring of each individual tom. I would bet the TD11 has it too.
Unfortunately I'm not at home at the moment so I can't tell you exactly where it is in mine, but if you play a little bit with the settings you'll find an option to virtually add tape or rings to the drum (like you would on acoustic ones) to dampen the sound and kill the echo.