Electronic Percussion Machine

Roscoe Joe

I was wondering if there is a machine out there that has samples of percussion instruments that could be foot operated. For example, I was listening to a song that had a vibraslap just once in it. It got me thinking about being able to trigger that sound with a tap of a foot pedal while playing. Does such a device exist, or do I need to get creative?
You're looking for a sampler that has an external trigger input. I have a Roland SPD-S ..... that would fit the bill ..... but you need to get a budget in mind, before you proceed. And also ..... is this the "only" sound you want to produce ??? Or are you gonna want to expand beyond the vibraslap.
Yep, most of the Roland sample products allow a foot pedal to trigger.
The TM1 has two trigger inputs and an iOS app so you can easily drag and drop samples.