Electronic DTX Kit Appraisal


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Can anyone help me appraise my DTX kit? I'm selling it due to finances and saving space in my apt.

Its a Yamaha DTX. The kick is the older RHP, the pads are the newer silicon DTX (12 snare, 10 rack, 12 floor), the cymbals & module are from the 560k series. Also comes with MIDI to USB converter for lining in to ProTools etc.

Ultimately I purchased a 560k bundle and swapped out components to my preference. Only components I kept from the bundle were all cymbal and hi-hat pads, and the module itself. I love the bigger pads versus the smaller ones that come with the 560k.

Any help appraising would be great!




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I love the look of the electronic drums off the rack. I don't think I've ever seen that. I think you could at least a couple hundred out of it.


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What did this system cost new? A good quality Yamaha kit is not cheap. I'm just guessing but I'd start around half of what I paid for it. Which would be far more than a couple of hundred dollars. The used foam heads alone are worth hundreds. The rest of the kit looks great too. Like Nerflad I'd never seen a system off of the rack and I like the looks. I have a DTXIII and the exact same hardware and stands from another kit so I'm going to try it out on mine. Good luck!
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