Electronic Drum questions


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I might be getting an electronic drum set (a Roland V-Drum TD-4K) because of space issues/noise issues, and I have a few questions about how it works..
Could you connect headphones to the brain, and then put music through them too? Or do you need an amp, because that would just defeat the purpose of no noise..
And do you need to buy some extra stuff, like mixers or something? Because I'm on a pretty tight budget..


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yes, it will work great. Saved a lot of hassles from my neighbors. The other great thing it does, I think the TD4 has a metronome in it too, (i have a TD9), it also does this thing where it charts your hits whether the bass, snare, top or ride on a graph to let you know if you are in the pocket. I was real happy with it.

Good luck