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Anyone see the new Pearl electronic kit with full wood shells? Musicians Friend was advertising it already. It was just introduced at NAMM. I am curious if it is just an acoustic kit with built in triggers and a brain or what? The cymbals look like some sort of hybrid too.


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Played them today. Overall, I think they may be the worst electronic kit I ever played. I also played the Alesis drums and they are in fact, the same. Same brain, same sounds, same hi-hat mechanism. And just like that kit, the hi-hat is almost unplayable and the dynamics are practically non-existent across the entire kit. I was very disappointed because the basic idea of having a convertible kit is great. Too bad they partnered up with Alesis and pushed out a half-assed product.

As it stands, I think the best use for Pearl's new e-kit is as a real kit that can be converted into a nearly silent practice kit. That, it does pretty well.


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Thats a shame, They look so cool.
Really? i thought they looked quite silly actually (wait is that a fire pattern or a fade?).

After reading the info on the Pearl site I have a few questions..
How much would the shell actually affect the feel? wouldn't it have more to do with the mesh heads and how their tuned?

Does anyone know if you can buy additional drums/cymbals for it?



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2 of the most innovative company's on the planet are Yamaha & Roland! The new DTX from Yamaha looks amazing especially the new pads. Check out the video: http://dtxdrums.yamaha.com/library/tutorial_movies/dtxdrums/dtx950k/
Re the Pearl Epro keep in mind that the reason Pearl does not have anyone designing electronics in a technology wing at their factory is because it doesn't excist! They have bought this entire idea from another company - which means there is a middle man that results in higher costs and warranty issues. The r.e.d.box module from Pearl is a rebranded Alesis DM10 & the cymbals are from http://www.smartrigger.com/index.html

Other great new products you might consider are The MULTI 12 from Yamaha (which allows you to load your own sounds into it) http://dtxdrums.yamaha.com/library/tutorial_movies/dtxdrums/dtx_multi12/
& the new Roland Octapad SPD-30 http://www.rolandconnect.com/product.php?p=spd-30
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Really? i thought they looked quite silly actually (wait is that a fire pattern or a fade?).

I was kidding, I also don't care for them. I looked at them on the Pearl You Tube vid just last night.
These drums have been billed as drums that will put Roland under in the electro kit world.
I don't see them as being as great as the ad claims say.