Electric screwdriver for lugs


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I have a Black & Decker very similar to the Ryobi and I like it. It doesn’t need to be variable speed. In fact, I like slow, but I’m sure luv nuts can handle high speeds, I just don’t think it’s necessary. I mainly use it to take heads off quickly, but when installing new heads, I only use it up to where the tension rod comes in contact with the rim. It’s all drum key after that.

What I should do is get two like the DeWalt pictured with two drill bits so I can do two lugs at a time.


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I used mine to get the rim close but once it touched the rim, I stopped and used the Evans Torque wrench. 4 volts won't do much damage. I would not spend 69.00 on one unless you want it for other household goods.


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Variable speed is a plus, and also torque settings so you don't accidentally screw down a rod too tightly. This one will do the job and also looks cool! http://www.sears.com/craftsman-17586-nextec-12.0v-lithium-ion-drill-driver/p-00917586000P?plpSellerId=Sears&prdNo=6&blockNo=6&blockType=G6

I used to use one on tour, and between keeping the battery charged, and having to retrieve and replace the tool, and the fact that once a week it saved only minutes vs the drum key, I eventually stopped using it. I suppose if you were going to replace heads frequently - like, daily for some reason - there would be a more significant time savings.

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I use one when changing heads, not for tuning... When I go into the studio taking off the tops and bottoms i find it saves me lot of time. the more heads, the more time.

I'll use it for putting them on, but stop before the lug touches the rim. I just go slower putting em on.

I am not picky, I use a small drill / screwdriver with an evans drillbit drumkey and it works great
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I used mine to get the rim close but once it touched the rim, I stopped and used the Evans Torque wrench. 4 volts won't do much damage. I would not spend 69.00 on one unless you want it for other household goods.
I got an Evan's Torque wrench for a birthday present a while back and just started using it. Great little tool! Do you log your settings for certain tunings or just use it to get even tension?


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Cordless drill FTW. It stays in my studio. Electric screwdrivers are too limited. You can use a drill elsewhere. I do have drills and drumkey bits in my van too, if I need a head change before I load in. I'll stand there and swap heads right at my van door. I normally don't use my drill to tighten the new head down. Sometimes. You have to be careful. I use an impact driver because it's the lightest drill I have. I would break a lug in a heartbeat with it if I'm not careful.

I usually use 2 keys to tighten heads down. That's a timesaver too, and it's the most even way I know for one person to tension a head.


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I do the same as Larry. Cordless variable speed drill. Quick and easy and I can use it for more than just changing heads. I use it to take the screws out, will hand start the screws so I don't cross thread then turn them down with the drill to just before they touch the rim. From there it's all drum key work.

I love my Makita!


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small Ryobi 9 volt drill from Home Depot. $30 if I remember. Best tool for head changes. BTW....the electric screwdriver (although a bit out of date) is/was the greatest invention ever for those of us who get tired twisting manual screwdrivers on other projects.


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I've been very happy with this B&D, using an Evans tension-rod bit ... runs on AA batteries and is surprisingly torquey for the entry-level that it is ...


I've also used it to drills holes and drive drywall screws (into pre-drilled holes) ... I've also used it when working on my motorcycle when I'm away from AC power or a shop ...

I'd love to get a real-deal cordless drill/driver etc but my experience is that Murphy's Law will prevail- I'll forget to put them on the charger, and then when I need them, the batteries will be flat .... so I'm good with the AA batteries on my B&D



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Two tools, two batteries, a charger, and a carrying case. The screwgun has adjustable torque settings down to 1lb. Both tools have flashlights. They are built like tanks, have 3/8" quick change chuck's, are very light, and are really small. $150 for the whole package is an incredible deal.

The Impact Driver is a monster. I wouldn't recommend using it for drums. You can, however, build just about anything with it.