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I decided that what i needed was a new tom drum. I went on ebay looking for a 16" starclassic floor tom but since there weren't any i figured i might as well start at the other end of the spectrum and get a 10". I got it new boxed for £125 which i think is pretty good given the current economic climate and the japanese troubles and whatnot. It was described as a starclassic EFX which i'm not so sure about because it's not a sparkly or particularly ostentatious finish, just natural wood. I'm perfectly aware of the fact that it doesn't match the rest of the kit but tbh i wasn't really expecting to find one that was matching so i figured this is close enough lol.

Sorry it's a bit of a narrow view but unfortunately I'm not really clued up on this "panoramic shot" malarkey and i'm not the sort of person who likes to pretend to be an expert in something i know nothing about.