Effect of alcohol on drum practice...?

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I never enjoyed drumming and intoxication. These days, I simply don't drink because of my digestive disorders. But I wouldn't want to be sleepy and not in control--during band practice regardless. Practicing is learning. Not going to learn Squat if you're drinking---definitely won't retain anything meaningful.


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I don't know what the effect is, but if you could play as good as your best drum idol, while drunk, would you become an alcoholic?

I don't really have one drum idol, however two of my favs (Bonham and Moon) both died unnatural early deaths due to alcohol. So no, even if I could play like either of these greats, IMO the cost is FAR too great for a moment's splendor.

Also the older I get the longer it takes the following day for me to feel 'normal' again. Which is my body's way of telling me it has been damaged somehow. I'm afraid if left unchecked I would wind up full-blown alchy and that simply won't do... for my health or my family.

I've seen a number of people on here (many of whom I like a lot) who either quit drinking or never really have more than a casual occasional beer/drink. Seems like a recurring theme, is there some Drummer gene which leads to this propensity for addictive behaviours?

And if I'm playing, the more drinks I have the less proficient I become (nothing speaks the truth like videoing oneself playing).

So long whiskey!
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I would say drumming is going along with a coffee. I stopped drinking coffee at the job and it started by an argument between me and the cafeteria manager about 5 years ago. I was contesting the price raise for the cup with a reduction in volume of the same cup, both at the same time.

I had to win the argument so I stopped drinking coffee completely, this would save me 15$ per weeks at least. Wow that would about 3000$ today.

But the really nice part of the story, I still drink a coffee occasionally, about 1 espresso per 2 weeks before stargazing or before drumming. I get the full strength effect and it's fabulous, my body does not accumulate caffeine, my digestion is much better.

And I won the argument too :ROFLMAO:


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I have a shot of Don Julio to begin and have a Fosters by my floor tom throughout every rehearsal or gig. I guess I'm a bit of an anachronism.