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Hello! this is in regards to editing a post that you might have done to start a thread - what effect does editing older post do?
  • Does it put an updated comment in edit field and keep it’s original position in thread order?
  • Or for context, does it create an updated time stamp and continue on in sequence - somewhat duplicating the post, like a reply?
Thanks for your input

*(This comment is simply testing edit capability)
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When you edit a (older) post, the last time/date of editing will be shown at the bottom of the original reply (just above the 'like' and 'reply' buttons)..

This will have no effect on the thread-order or anything like that..


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Wow it's like going back in time-so if I change a post from 2014 I'll gain back 5 years. No just kidding. But if I died tomorrow I'd still be alive on the thread-I have attained immortality. I guess we are all immortal on here-post from years ago pop up. I've read some of my comments and I don't believe or agree with anything I said.


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Thats what psychologists call..: personal growth..

And you seem to be on the right track regarding that..:)
Thanks Kyoshō I am the Grasshopper and listening and learning from young and old here and beyond. The only thing that hasn't changed is my hand writing it appears-opinions have come and gone but my cursive is still much the same since I learned how.


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It's not welcome to correct older posts of themselves. If you change opinion this could make ridicolous the answers posted...ok??!!
Think before posting - lol....


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Wow it's interesting going back to 2008 and looking at old post. I always thought I started drumming at 10 but one of my brothers corrected me and said I was 8 years old when I started. DW is also a little time capsule it appears.