EC2 Coated / Clear Blow outs


Hi all,

Just a heads up that Evans has officially discontinued the old version of the Coated and Clear EC2's (Heads without the SST markings), and as a result most local music stores should receive a credit from Evans if they have any left in stock, ergo they can blow them out. I say all this to say, hit up your local Evans drumhead dealer and see if you can't get some at a steal - I got 2 full sets (13", 14", 16") of EC2 coateds for $5 per head.

Hopefully your local music shop has a lot of back stock, best of luck!


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Just FYI, there is likely a very limited quantity of the old EC2 heads left in stores within the US. We've actually exchanged many of these for new EC2 heads with individual dealers. The new EC2 SST heads are actually more affordable than the older model.



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thanks for the info, sadly I buy from eBay and get a discount already so I doubt I'll get anything more.


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You'd write off an option purely because of the blanket statement that you don't like muffling? Give them a shot and see what you think.They're not your typical drumhead.
I know they're good heads. And I love Evans heads. But I don't have time or money to dink around with heads that don't describe what I'm looking for.

If I want a turkey sandwich, why would I order the roast beef? I'm looking for warm open tones, not the "focused, controlled, low end attack" of the EC2. Why would I buy an EC2 if what I'm really looking for is a G1 or a J1? I understand I can keep my options open, but the reason y'all have one of those charts on your website is so the consumer is informed of what kind of head will deliver the kind of sound they are looking for.

Thank you, but no thanks :)


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What about the ec resonant heads? Are they being discontinued too?
Man I love those heads....especially for 13" and larger toms


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If I want a turkey sandwich, why would I order the roast beef?
Sorry, to stick with the metaphor, I thought you were basically saying that you wanted a sandwich but weren't willing to try the turkey because of the provolone cheese. I understand if that's not the sound you're going for. Your blanket statement about "not liking muffling" a therefore not wanting to try a focused head. Totally up to you though. You guys are the music makers :)