Easy survey on Drum brands


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You might say so informally. I'm just waiting for the Nashville headquarters to draft my final contract. I've inserted scores of complex clauses, and their proofreading team is doing backflips to unravel them all. The official documentation could still be years from approval.
Perhaps my Uncle Vito can assist you with them.
He crafts very complex insurance forms, designs custom concrete boots, and the ride to the pier is free.


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Would want: Tama Star Maple / Yamaha Recording custom / ???
Wouldn't want: All the rest


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I'm kinda shocked at the no to Premier. Inquiring minds want to know: why?
The first ever kit I played on was a premier. It might have been a particularly cheap one or not well maintained, but my lingering memory of that kit is that it sounded crap haha. I might be judging it harshly, because new heads probably would have saved it. I've not heard a premier kit ever and thought 'Oh damn, I like the sound of that'


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Would: Any quality pro level from the "big boys" (Ludwig, Gretsch, DW, Sonor, Yamaha, Tama, N&C, ...et al)
Wouldn't: Any brand that devalues by 75% the second you hit the buy button. (SJC, Truth, ....)
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Prev. own'd: Pearl, Yamaha, N&C
Own now: Canopus, Ludwig
Would Buy: Canopus, N&C, BDC
Would consider: WFLlll, George Way, Ludwig
Mysterious to me (would like to play to know more): Sonor, Gretsch, Tama Star
No interest: Pearl, DW
Cost too much: Rogers, Craviotto, A&F...unless they were so inspiring I had to have it.


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So is anyone tallying all this?


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Would : Sonor (SQ2 or Vintage) ; Tama (only Star series) ; Noble and Cooley (Walnut - I already own Horizon and CD Maples kits)

Wouldn’t : Pearl ; Yamaha ( had enough of these days vet the years and don’t want another PHX) ; Gretsch ( had more Gretsch kits than any brand and each had their middling issues ).


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