Easy software for writing drum notes?


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All software gets easy to navigate once you’ve used it for years, so its hard to give an unbiased opinion. I like Sibelius, and the free version ‘Sibelius First’ handles drum notation nicely. Of course there are other programmes and apps at all kinds of prices. There are also other threads about this very topic if you search for them.


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Noteflight -- the full version -- is a good deal at $50 per year. The user interface is very good! It's quick and easy to enter notes, and to change from quarters to 8ths, etc. It's nice that it's a web app you can use on any computer, and not software that you install to your machine.

Sibelius is the standard these days, but you must install it, and it's very expensive. Anything you have ever seen notated, you can probably do.

When entering notes by hand (just clicking), Noteflight is much, much faster than Sibelius.

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Groove Scribe is useful for the occasional need to notate grooves. It can’t be used to write an entire score, hence the name “Groove Scribe”. Slow going and definitely limited in scope but it’s free and gets the job done for my needs.

Groove Scribe


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I use my ipad pro and apple pencil along with a music staff template in penultimate. It's actually a really great setup if you happen to have an ipad pro and apple pencil.


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I keep coming back to aered for quick and easy transcription of exercises and grooves. Noteflight is pretty good too, but not as easy as aered. Noteflight has the advantage of automatically being in the cloud in case you move around between computers. The free version might be all you need.