easy rock songs for a starting drummer


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Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit

Was the one I used to adore when I was learning to play drums. The offbeat snare hits and such in that song aren't too difficult with some practice and they give the drums a bit of flair :)


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I suggest to start with "Let´s Twist Again" by Chubby Checker...no kiddin! Teach the kid to love the sound of a snaredrum and to get a feeling for that forward moving groove and rhythm


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I'm all rock so this might be a little biased.
1. Seven Nation Army-really easy/ gets you jammin
2. Come Together-gets you to think more with the sounds
3. Come As You Are-easist song by nirvana imo
4. In Bloom-fantastic fills for beginners
5. Man In The Box-helps develop four way independence
6. First Date-works out your hand speed/double stroke on pedal and fills
7. With Arms Wide Open-their drummer changed me completley
8. Don't Look Back In Anger-good for improvising and fills
9. Californication-helps out with the ghost notes and independence between hands
10. Meant To Live-gets you workin with the toms


Any ZZ Top is great. Sharp Dressed Man for a solid rock beat and La Grange for a nice texas shuffle. Also blues stuff by Stevie Ray Vaughn and maybe some Neil Young or CCR


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Hi everyone,

My six year old started drum lessons last September, and he has become quite good at holding down the basic drum progressions his instructor works with him on. One thing he suggested was to have my son play along with different songs. I was wondering if anybody could give some suggestions on easier slower tempo rock songs he could practice to. I play guitar but I am having a tough picking out stuff for him. He likes alot of heavier stuff but most of it is too fast and too technical for him.Also, he does like bands like Muse and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Any suggestions, old or newer stuff, would be very helpful. Thanks.
Michael Jackson's Billie Jean - and this is no joke!




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I would recommend some AC/DC.
Plus one. I started out drumming (I say that like its something that I'm done with...) playing to 70-80 tunes. Mainly because I wanted to learn them so I could play music with my dad (who plays guitar) but because they were easy.


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Last night I started working on Today (Smashing Pumpkins) and Man in the Box (Alice in Chains). Both are a good time.

Today - Pretty easy, 80bpm. The main challenge is remembering where you are in the song because the beat is pretty much the same throughout the entire song with minor variations that make it confusing.

MitB - 108 bpm, the main beat (verse) is very easy, and the song structure is simple. The chorus is the challenging part, but still not too bad.
Blur - Song 2

It's pretty simple, though it depends on your level... Like I wouldn't say Smells Like Teen Spirit was a beginners' tune as it's a bit more complicated on closer listen. Quite intense footwork for a beginner I'd say...


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Any ZZ Top is great. Sharp Dressed Man for a solid rock beat and La Grange for a nice texas shuffle. Also blues stuff by Stevie Ray Vaughn and maybe some Neil Young or CCR
That's what I was going to recommend as well. Most ZZ Top includes very straight forward beats with fairly simple fill patterns.


The first song I ever learned was "Black Cow", by Steely Dan.

Slow, and cool groove.

Tasty but not to difficult fills.

Steve Gad....

....nuff said ;)


For starting out there are quite a few cool classics,

1) Long Cool woman, the Hollies
2) Have you ever seen the rain---CCR
3) Back in Black--ac/dc
4) Billie Jean..MJ
5)Taking care of business---BTO
6) The Break up song ---Greg Khin, pretty easy beat throughout and the fills are all pretty much medium speed 6 stroke rolls, with a flam thrown in here and there but it makes you look cool as all get out : )


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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing songs that would be helpful to improve my little guy's drumming. I loaded a bunch of these songs onto his ipod, and he is learning Back in Black with his teacher. At home, he is starting to get a really good hang of Flames go higher by the Eagles of Death Metal. Thanks again.


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I learned with indie rock, I actually have a nostalgia play list from middle school/early high school of really easy tracks that I use to dial in tone and timing on. When I first started playing I had a total drumcrush on the modest mouse drummer, he taught me left hand independence at the same time as the funky primer did.

Here are some of my old favorites.

A Life of Artic Sounds, by Modest Mouse.

Heart Cooks Brain, by Modest Mouse.

The Ocean Breathes Salty, by Modest Mouse.

The Modern Age, by The Strokes. (pretty much all of "is this it" and "room on fire" albums are on this list)

Someday, by The Strokes.

The Air Near My Fingers, The White Stripes. (pretty much everything the white stripes have done is perfect for a beginner to jump right in on.)

Guerilla radio, Rage Against the Machine.

Hewlett's Daughter, Grandaddy

Pure Morning, Placebo.

So Says I, The Shins.

All really fun stuff, give it a listen.