Easy pre-beginner song?


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For a pre-beginner, I would suggest something a little slower than many of the suggestions above.

I think a great pre-beginner song to start would be "You Don't Know How It Feels" by Tom Petty. Don't worry about fills or anything; just work on that beat. I'd start with just playing the 8th note high-hats. Once you get comfortable, add the snare. Once you get that, add the kick. Don't feel like you have to do the double kick; just start with one to begin.


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I'll second or third Billie Jean. That's the one I teach girls to play when they ask me to teach them a song on the drums. :giggle:


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Yeah, I'll bite - why the "girls" caveat?
Oddly enough, guys never ask. They just sit down and show me their stuff even if it's merely bashing away like cavemen.

Girls on the other hand, are shy and prefer to be shown how to play something. It's a great icebreaker after shows and when I entertain at home.
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