Easy, Mellow Swing Jazz


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Jazz cats, I need your help.

I haven't listened to much early jazz. I know a lot of fusion and easier soul music that people would consider jazz, but not much Miles, Monk, Coltrane, etc. In all honesty, Kind of Blue is the only jazz record I've listened to all the way through.

So I'm looking for records that are easy all the way through. I love bebop and am well-versed in it, but I want some stuff for going to sleep, hanging out, etc.

Some of Coltrane's easy stuff is so killer. I respect his faster more energetic playing, but him with Miles Davis or some of the tunes on Giant Steps is great!

Same goes for Miles Davis. Any of his stuff with Jimmy Cobb or the easier stuff with Papa Jo is so easy and tasteful and happening. I really want more!

So I come asking for records or specific tunes, (I may just build a playlist) that are on the level of 'Round Midnight or Freddie Freeloader.

I hope making this list will be as much fun for you guys as it will be for me to listen to. =]


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as much as i love those guys, brubeck with morello takes the cake for me for something like this


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Yeah, I would check out the Dave Brubeck Quartet, lots of smooth, swinging stuff there.


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The Brian Blade Fellowship, it's modern stuff but I think it fits with what you're looking for, they make gorgeous music that's for sure.