Earthtone Heads


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I have a mid 50's Slingerland snare. When I use poly heads on it there is a ring that is really annoying.

I tried the Calftone heads. The Calftone totally changed the drum, eliminated the ring and just sounded great.

But the Calftone's have a delamination problem. Hopefully Evans solves that.

In the meantime I was looking for an original calf skin head. I came across the Earthtone line of heads which are actually goatskin.

Put one on my Slingerland a couple of days ago. It does not sound as good as the Calftone but its very close and there is no ring to it. The sound is far better than any poly head combo I have found with the exception of the Calftone. The sound with brushes is fabulous.

We will see how it holds up. I am not a hard hitter and for the couple of hours I have played the head so far it seems to be no worse for wear.

A little pricey but if you have an older drum that was created when calf skins were the only game in town you may find that this head brings out some of that original sound the drum had years ago.


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Earthtone changed to calfskin heads a few years back. I like Earthtone heads they have the classic calf sound. The snare batters do need to be sanded down a bit for brushwork.'re about roughly 5 years late...Earthtone switched to Calfskin over 5 years ago. I've emailed them twice about it asking them and they reassured me that it is Calfskin.

I'm thinking of going all Calfskin from here on out. I'm tired of the sound, feel, and life of plastic heads. To me plastic heads sound, pingy/papery, feel lifeless and hard-shelled, and they don't have the elasticity like Calfskin does.

On drumset I will stick with Earthtone as I hear their calf is a bit softer.
For field drum and concert snare drums I'll stick with Stern Tanning which are said to be harder, and they sell better heads anyway (consistent thickness).

However, I think I'll stick with Evans 200, 300, 500 clear or orchestral for all my snare bottom heads just because the difference between 2 thousandths of an inch to 3 thousandths of an inch can change the snare sound quite a bit. I can't expect that much accuracy out of a calf head.