Early attempts at drum mics for live sound


I've found it really hard to find any concrete guidelines on how to mic drums for live sound, and google searches on the topic were pretty useless (lots of techniques that are just absurd for the average Joe that does not want to drop thousands just on mics and stands).

Anyway, I'm happy to report that advice received here has led to some really good results. I have the Shure kit with a 52 bass mic and 3 57s (got a great deal at GC). Working from advice here and after some experimenting at home and at my son's gigs (he's the drummer, not me), we are having good results with the following:
1. bass mic on mini stand
2. snare mic (57) mounted on batter rim
3. One 57 overhead pointing down towards the middle of the kit
4. One 57 a stand maybe 4 feet high behind the floor tom, pointing in the general direction of the toms.

We get the sound good with the first 3 mics during the sound check and early songs of a set. The 4th mic can be brought in to boost the toms a bit if needed. This is working well, but I would be happy to get any further suggestions on other things we might try. Thanks.