Ear Plugs


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My grandson learning the drums (Ihaven't a clue) - he says he needs ear plugs. I'm in the UK - please guide me as to what to look for and/or recommend a pair.


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Any ear plugs or protective earmuffs will do just fine. Read the reviews of some of the different options on places like Amazon, and make sure people say they are comfortable to wear. Some are totally annoying to wear, or clamp down too tight on your head. They need to be comfortable, so your grandson is compelled to use them every time. :)


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I’d recommend the Alpine musicians earplugs for a young person. The silicon flanges are very soft and flexible which would suit a smaller ear canal.

But for home practice any ear muffs like you get for lawnmowing would do. There are kids sizes available.


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If he's done growing, get custom in-ear molds.
I use Microsonic Pulse hearing aids and have a pair with -25db and one with -15db attenuation.


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I recommend earpeace HD plugs, imo they're the best reasonably priced and widely available plugs that don't make everything sound muffled and muddy.


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I use Earasers and I like them a lot because they just take the edge off of the volume and they sound more natural than many plugs that totally kill higher frequencies.


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I highly recommend Vibes. Affordable, comfortable, and they do the job very nicely.
I have tried half the plugs on the planet - and then chose Vibes.