Ear plugs that imitate distance


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Are there any ear plugs that imitate the effect of distance attenuation, where high frequencies are dropped and bass frequencies propagate? Maybe you could have a set of ear filters based on the distance or room size, for example large auditorium ear plugs and a 10 foot, 30 foot, and 100 ft ear plugs, so that drummers could get an idea of what their kit sounds like at an observers distance.


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Most ear plugs have substantial HF attenuation. Much more than "air loss", which is a pretty subtle and sophisticated concept used by designers of line arrays and such.

Any no ear plug really attenuates LF since there are so many conduction paths to the inner ear.

You may want to check out the Hearasers. They have a fairly smooth curve with less LF attenuation than a good pair of molded plugs with ER10 or 15 inserts. The are good for around 10-12 dB in the midrange with a couple more in the highs.

Oh, and to your last question; You might get an idea of what it sounds like in the back of the room due to air loss while standing in front of the stage. But there's no way to mimic the sound out front while actually playing the kit.


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I really don't think this is possible unless you used a convolution reverb or something.


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The best pugs that won't attenuate the bass as much are the custom hollow type with exchangeable membrane filters. they allow some of the bass to be transferred through your skull.

For just trying to hear what your drums would sound like out in front, you might try a mic and headphones with reverb.