EAD10 - Cymbals and MIDI/Trigger question


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Hey folks,

I keep going back and forth on the EAD10, because I already have an audio interface and triggers and just need a recording solution, and I could get a 7 piece mic setup for less than half the price. But I love the simplicity and reduction of cables from the EAD10. Three questions:

1) When listening to recordings online comparing the EAD10 to standard (and sometimes cheap) mics, 9 times out of 10 the one thing that stands out is that the crashes are quiet and the ride is too loud. I read some people moving their ride, but even after it still sounds loud, and the crashes sound too soft. Am I hearing this right? Have you found this to be true or do you find the levels to be pretty good (for a 5 piece set)?

2) While I have triggers, seems like this could replace them. Something I'm trying to understand though. If you don't add additional triggers, when it generates midi, does it generate the midi for all the drums and the cymbals? Or just the kick? It seems like it adds trigger sounds to every piece, implying there should be midi for every piece, but if that's the case, why does it even offer the option of adding additional triggers? What value would that provide? Confused on this part.

3) Bass drum triggers can often be difficult to get your setting perfect. It can often double trigger, or miss hits. Is that the case here or does it just work fairly accurately right out of the box (maybe after adjusting that one sensitivity knob)?

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