E-Pad Rebound Question


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Am I the only one here who has to battle with the relatively high rebound factor of the Roland PD-8 pads?

I own a TD-3 electronic kit for practice purposes, and every time I play fast tom rolls (170+ or so BPM, as that is when I switch to matched freestroke grip), they usually tend to speed up a little or sound flammy due to the sticks bouncing everywhere. On my acoustic kit, I can do them almost perfectly. These pads, though, are like trampolines for sticks!

I've also started working on playing flat flams at a moderate speed for about 10-30 minutes almost every day to tighten my general stick grip, do you think this might help?

That Guy

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I haven't really had an issue with the PD-8's but I don't play an electronic kit either. I have messed around on them and I will agree that they do have a different feel. Especially that PD-125 Mesh V-pad. But, for an electric kit I think Roland makes some really fun ones.

Practice the flat-flams the way you are it will definately help with grip and control.

Therma lobsterdore

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I own a td-3 and haven't had this problem all, so yeah might be a technique issue. Or maybe the angle of the pads is a bit off.

Personally I do singles, doubles and paradiddles to increase my stick control, either one after the other for say, 10 mins a piece, or in the form of Joe Morrello's killer excercise for 30 mins.


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Maybe you can give those anti-vibration sticks a try. (Those with a rubber thing at the thick end.) I was told they are good for playing on rubber pads.

p.s. I found the PD-8 pads rebound the same as my practice pad.

Casper "DrPowerStroke" Paludan

Just practice your free stroke more. If your sticks are bouncing all over the place, it means you are at least not killing the considerable rebound. So you are on the right track!

Anyone can roll on a dead tom, it's easy! You just pick up the stick with every stroke, using so called pullouts or upstrokes. Controlling copious rebound, however, takes serious practice, and that's what's in front of you!

When you have practiced the free stroke for a long time, start practicing control strokes (down strokes), and you will see real improvement in control!