Dynamic Drum Mic Clamp


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I am using very nice chrome mic clamps now. Wing screws securely tighten the clamps onto the rims, and the clamps are isolated from the rims with rubber.

Today I played at a church that uses Audix D series mics mounted to the toms and snare via Audix DVice clamps. The clamps are made of plastic and fasten to the drum rims with spring-loaded tension. The clamps' design seem to make for fast and easy mounting and removal, and minor adjustments were easily made by simply bending the gooseneck.

As a gigging drummer, I really like how quickly and easily you can attach and remove these clamps. But, being plastic, I can't help but wonder if they are a significant step down from what I have, and I'm also concerned about reliability. Like my rack, my metal clamps make for consistent mic positioning at every gig, so I wonder if switching to goosenecks will offset the time saved by forcing me to have to carefully position mics at every gig. Or, is an inch or two really a non-issue? Can those of you with experience with these clamps provide some feedback, opinions or comments? Thanks.