DW's Neil Peart R30 Snare Drum

Dave from Perth

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This is the most recent arrival to my collection of limited edition DW snare drums. It's the Neil Peart R30 model (as found in the NP Evolution Snare Collection).

Not to be confused with the Neil Peart Commemorative snare drum from 2006, this drum is a replica of one of the three snare drums that were part of the limited run R30 kit. It's a 14x6 Edge model. The holographic artwork representing selected Rush albums, is a feature, as is the gold hardware and lustrous black mirra finish. Some of the photos show the different glitter effects from the black mirra finish. Enjoy!



Beautiful! How does it sound? How much did that bad boy set you back?

Ok I know it's Presto, Test for Echo, and 2112, but what is the 3rd one?

EDIT: Never mind. P/G = Grace Under Pressure. Duh.


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That's awesome; never knew the story behind that one and the 2006 model. Always though they were the same but could never figure why I'd see one once in a while with the new mag throw off or the silver badge.

I shelled out the dough for the Time Machine back in March. Each of the DW Peart drums are a unique treasure.