DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!


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The initial statement that started this was:

This statement is not correct, and is exactly what I am talking about. But if they want to flip flop and say they never said it and was only talking about terms than whatever. That's the problem.
Sorry, this statement is 100% correct. any drum that claims to be bell brass is actually bronze as bell brass isn't a thing.


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One more time, your statement was:
Bell Brass/Bronze is the name of a specific alloy of bronze.
Brass/bronze are both alloys of copper, regardless if you put bell, human, or food grade in front of it. They are not the same, and one is not derived from the other. Brass will never be an alloy of bronze no matter how bad you want it to be, even if Tama said it.

Once again, this statement right here is wrong, as you said it:
Bell Brass/Bronze is the name of a specific alloy of bronze.
I will no longer be participating in this stupidity with you.


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Don't encourage them. They can dress up those DW snares all they want but dem lugs is still butt ugly. 🤣
I had a friend that I stole a quote from concerning IBM laptops looking as if they were designed by the Russian car ministry during the cold war.
The DW turret lugs are pretty much the same idea.