DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!


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So we have :

Bell brass
Bell bronze

- clear as a bell!
The last two are really just terms. Yes they make bells out of bronze and brass, but it's still just a formulation of bronze or brass. It's like saying drum wood, car metal, sidewalk concrete.

If I take bell bronze and make a cymbal out of it, does it magically become cymbal bronze?


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I think they use the bell brass & bell bronze names to indicate that it has a significantly thicker shell (3mm+)? I've never seen a thin shelled bell brass or bell bronze shell. Has any one seen one?


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Well they did go the other route some years back. Cymbal bronze snares.
That's why is suggested Paiste do it. I think Zildjian and Sabian could also be candidates for this project too.

I'm going to start a company making drumsticks out of Truth drums, because they would be the first "true" drum sticks.😃


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Has anyone tried melting down all the B8 cymbals to make a snare? That would kill 2 birds with one stone. Get rid of the scourge of bad cymbals and make a (hopefully) good sounding snare.


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Sand casting drum shells can produce some excellent drums - perfect example being the Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic snares made from a cast aluminum alloy . These have lots of bottom end when tuned lower and ample crack when tuned up .

Bell Brass ( actually bronze) , Cast Copper etc. snares seem to be popping up more and more from various manufacturers . Most of these just are not my cup of tea to be honest - and this also includes the N&C cooper snare - just not for me .
The DW snare is another that regardless of the price I would not consider purchasing .