DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!


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Speaking of DW cast bronze snares, this came in today.

90's seamless cast, 11kg (24,25lb) beasty, I call ''Golden Boy''.

It turned out to be 5mm instead of 3mm and it had cost me 10x less than the new one.

Now I'm so hooked on its sounds and possibilities, that I would love to get a 12x5 side snare model.

It is so versatile in both extreme low and extreme high tensions, yet keeps its sensitivity played both really soft as really loud.

It replaced all my other snares in a short first bonding session, only to be confirmed when I came back from a meeting downtown.
13x7" is such a great size! They have the quickness and crack of a 14x5 combined with the deep throaty sound of a ballad drum. Best of both worlds.

I have a 13x7" DW Edge that sounds amazing, kinda halfway to sounding like a bell brass like yours. It has thick 5 mm brass rings on top and bottom.

Can't wait to hear it! *wink wink*