Dweezil Zappa drummer Ryan Brown interview/podcast

Hey Folks,

For those of you who saw the "Zappa/Ryan Brown" thread posted here a few weeks ago we hinted that there would be something new posted with Ryan (drummer for Dweezil Zappa). Well, the time is here! While on tour we had the chance to interview Ryan and he did not disappoint. If you're a fan of Frank Zappa's music, or even just familiar with it, it's no secret that the drumming chair is the hot seat of all hot seats. Not to mention that there's quite a legacy left by drummers named: Dunbar, Thompson, Bozzio, Colaiuta, Wackerman, etc. Aside from giving us inside information about the daily workings of what it means to work for a Zappa Ryan also tells about his early career and what it means to be a working musician in Los Angeles.

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