DW Tom holder


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Hi everyone! I've recently bought set of DW (Collectors... although not sure about how to call them. On the badge it says "all maple shell") from 1998. I need to buy a tom holder to hang my 15 inch tom from a cymbal stand. PDP holder doesn't work because it's too thin. Can you recomend me something that works with old DW toms? I'm attaching the pic of 10 inch tom which has the same tom mount. Thanks!86434


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That's the one you need. You may want to look for a memory lock for where the clamp attaches to the cymbal stand just so it doesn't move. That may be overkill though. My toms are hung from a rack, so I don't have direct experience mounting toms this way.


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I know you may have some hesitation with drilling, but there’s a reason why hanging floor toms died a painful death. They are super heavy and almost impossible to keep in place. You’ll be restricted to positioning your cymbal too. I’d recommend just getting the DW floor tom leg kit and converting it to a standard FT. It’ll save a ton of hassle in the long run. I was way happier when I converted mine and noticed zero difference in tone. Others have done similar with great results.