dw smart practice?

Duck Tape

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hey guys, I got one of these yesterday but I'm already thinking of selling it.

The pads are quite loud and flimsy but the killer for me is the pedal attachment.. your beaters go way past vertical to hit the kick pad. I'm wondering if anyone knows any setup tricks or remedies for this before I go and flip it?


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If you can adjust your beater angle, try that. Maybe glue a thicker pad onto the existing one, using a piece of 1” thick “gardening knee pad” foam? That stuff is dense but light.


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So i assume the triangle piece at base is pedal attachment site and needs to be shortened or offset. Or take off entirely and remove pipe/triangle and make new pedal attachment so you push your pedal forward under stand closer to beater pad?


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A Wing Chun practice kit? 😊

A beater like this Tama might solve the problem.



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I quite like those. They are a touch louder than I’d like, but have used mine enough, they show some great wear. Took a bit of getting used to, but still perfect for working things out without driving everyone nuts.

Duck Tape

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I discovered my vater practice pad has the same thread size and used that for the main/snare pad. That’s made it a little better.

But even if I can position the kick pad closer it’s very harsh and makes a lot of noise/vibration so I’m using my billy Hyde’s Gibraltar pad and moving the tree out of its way, sort of right in front of myself instead of staggered to the right where right leg kicks.

I guess it can serve its purpose if you integrate it with other pads.

Jasta 11

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Sell it, i sold mine years ago. the annoying reverberation the bass drum pad sends through the rest of it was too much. I thought it was a good design etc until i actually had one. It is quieter than the remo pad sets but i also could not get past the bass drum thing. My teacher had the remo pad kit but with a thin layer leather added to the heads. it made the bass drum really feel like a bass drum , not a block of hard rubber.