Dw PDP vs Dw 2002


Hi, iam going to buy some double pedal iam thinking about Dw PDP double pedal(Direct Drive, Longboard) or Dw 2002(Single Chain, ShortBoard)
Iam mainly playing Slipknot songs, nu metal sometimes something faster. (220 bpm max)
What pedal shoud you reccommended Dw 2002 or Dw PDP for that?
I never played direct drive.
Can i play comfortable with single chain shortboard 220 bpm?
Iam mainly using heel up (Ankle motion, leg motion) and i can learn swivel or heel-toe.
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For high BPM double bass stuff, you'll find more people in the direct drive longboard camp than chain and short board, but that doesn't mean it's right for you. If you're going to try a direct drive, I'd skip the PDP and try a used Yamaha P9500D. It's not a long board, but a dang nice pedal for the price. Peal Daemon Drives and Tama Speed Cobras are a popular choice too, for long board options. They still stay in the reasonable range used. If you're going to try the PDP out, get it used. PDP isn't bad stuff, just nothing special. Resale on their hardware is just terrible, so buy used and buy for the right price. Any of the other pedals above, Larry's recommendation also will sell super fast, if you decided you want something different.


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Do NOT buy a 2000!! Worst pedal I ever owned or played on. I have a 3000 which is fine, I've played 5000 which are great and I own a 9000. Any of those are great choices.


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What is the problem with the 2000 ? It looks a lot like the original Camco, which was a good lightweight pedal ?


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What is the problem with the 2000 ? It looks a lot like the original Camco, which was a good lightweight pedal ?
Even though I use a 2000 on one of the BDs on my home kit, I couldn't recommend it. The machined beater holder/strap attachment thingy part that the horizontal shaft goes through is a little on the light side and the single chain is pretty skinny. It is a good lightweight pedal for people who aren't hard on pedals and play...not heavy.

I never had a problem, but I couldn't recommend it. The 3000 I like a lot and would recommend for a good DW pedal at a good price. Or get a new or used 5000 and be done with it.


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My issue was that it was super flimsy. The beater would fly back and slam into my foot any time I played fast. No matter how many adjustments I made I could not correct it. I've never had that problem with any other pedal. It just wasn't a good sturdy pedal. I was playing fast punk rock at the time and had to sell it.