DW now owns Slingerland!

Rattlin' Bones

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That's a nice looking kit. If I needed another kit to gig with I'd consider it. The original tom brackets have been removed and replaced with Gibraltar TSS (RIMS style) mounts, and the tom arms have been replaced with modern ball-in-socket type arms. So if you're collecting that may be an issue, but I'd put one of the toms on a stand and use it with a snare as a 4 piece and gig with it. The scuffs and such don't look bad at all. I'd want some pics of interiors before I bought it, but if shells were solid and round $850 with free shipping CONUS is a good deal.



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I liked my 22”x14” 1963 kick. Don’t know if that was a standard kick back then. Maybe DW will keep the idea of a shallow kick as standard?


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Not at all. Slingerland's lugs were beautiful. Some of their hardware was really great too, but that is where they'll have to make improvements. I'm sure they'll still have the Set-O-Matic tom holder for the nostalgia factor. The shells they made were pretty much the same formula that everyone's been using for decades.
This was the era I remember best...
Wow!!! Does that bring back memories! I spent hours pouring over that very catalog as a kid. Thanks for posting this!👍