Dw Masters of Resonance

Jeremy Bender

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Instrument manufacturer marketing brought to a new level of absurdity. But I suppose the name of the game is to sell drums.

On a gig or seated in an audience my mind never went off into the woods with a hard hat on, so I can't relate.
Maybe that's something other drummers have experienced instead.

I cringe to think what part of a new drumkit's cost is used to pay for these "documentaries."
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Vintage Old School

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For those of us old enough to remember DW's humble beginnings this is a nice piece to view from a business perspective alone.
But for me the real value of this piece is from a historical perspective for future generations to hear the DW story in the words of
its own artisans and artists. Very nice production.

Old Dog new Cans

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Yes, for me, I REALLY enjoy seeing the production. The ideas behind the drums. Seeing them travel to some forest in Europe or New Zealand. You don't see any of the other manufacturers letting us in on as much as DW. There are 'some' videos, but not as forthcoming as what John Good allows. This video really isn't new at all. I've seen nearly all of the different parts in previous videos available. They've just added the narrator guy.

Steady Freddy

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Couldn't agree more. He is a true believer in what he dose and has shown other companies that a US drum builder can still be a global power house in instrument manufacturing.

They have done, and continue to do an outstanding job.

Zeus Mutation

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I think anytime you see people with a passion for what they do its pretty awesome. Also funny how so many dog on DW. My VW is as good as your Porsche type talk.You're paying for the wisdom of that high profile lawyer, its gonna be a premium. Again, the stoke alone of the American company is pretty darn cool. I'm sure all sorts of drum makers are just as into it, yet when's the last time you watched the Tama Factory video and saw their equivalent exec all giddy over another drum set, lol.