DW Machined Direct Drive Bass Drum Pedal


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It is a bit since their debut so walking out with a new MDD from GC on clearance for $350...yep. Happy guy here. My re-learning curve going from longboards to a shortboard seems to be the biggest hurdle. I’m not used to the quicker acceleration and overall (feel) weight of the beater where the longboard response is just different and reacts with more torque (leverage). I got it close in just a few hours of didling around...still got to get my ankle and bounce muscle memory back up to speed. Just so different from the Axis LB. The settings and adjustments are much easier to achieve on this pedal than anything else I’ve played. I’m a huge fan of it having marks so you can see where you were and how much adjustment you’re putting in. The 10g beater weight thing is ingenious too. I think I’d have liked to get my foot in a MCD but given what was available and for the price, I’ll be just fine.