Dw Lugs UGLY!!!!!

I like look of the DW lugs better than the lugs on some of my other kits. The chrome looks nice and I have no worries about it taking away any sustain or resonance. These babies sing for days.

I also like the long 1 piece lugs on my Pearl Custom Z kit and the eternal classic lugs on my Ludwig's and Gretsch kits. Chrome is good. Long live chrome.


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I've always liked the DW lugs..................But, the new DWPS smaller turret lugs do look better IMO
Actually,the George Way days.Those "turret" lugs were designed in the mid 50's by George Way,and used on his drums,till Camco took iniated a hostile take over of George Way drums,with va 51 % stock but out.

Till the early 60's ,Camco was a hardware manufacturer ONLY,and only after taking over George Way,and his patents,did Camco become a drum company.

But I digress.I too am not overly fond of those lugs,but I do love the sound of vintage Camco drums.Their shells were made by Jasper and later on by Keller.Extra care in the bearing edges is what gave Camco drums their characteristic warm sound.

Camco was also the only drum company, that would mount Rogers hardware at the factory,on their drums if a customer wanted it.

Some Camco afficinatos dispute this,but it's true.Rogers hardware was at the time ,considered the state of the art.

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I am glad to see someone set the record straight. Camco didn't do anything innovative. Their claim to fame is as an early corporate raider. DW's DNA comes from George Way. George also was the guy behind Leedy. George was an early pioneer and innovator and a drum man through and through. I do remember Camco offering to mount Rogers brackets, and such, but not the beavertail lugs and such. Can you confirm the extent of their offering? Yes Rogers hardware was the best by a mile of any company in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and into the 80s.