DW Edge Snare drum FOR SALE

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Hey. I am selling a DW EDGE snare drum. It is a 14" maple and brass with gold hardware. This drum retails at £850 and is officially the heaviest snare in the world! It has a great sound but not the kind of sound I am looking for in my band.

Here is a link to what it is and looks like except that it has gold hardware. The snare is in great condition however the gold hardware is a tad disscoloured in places. http://www.brucemillersdirect.co.uk/dw-collectors-series-edge-snare/

According to the experts, The Edge drums have a unique tone by using a ten-ply maple center section and blending the brightness from a brass upper and lower section. This "sandwich" gives you a higher and tighter sound with the bottom end and power of a wood drum.

If you are interested and would like to make me an offer please contact me via email at ashleyhall19@hotmail.com and `i can send you a photo of the snare. Thanks