DW Collector's Birch Snare Drum


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Hey everyone.

I am somewhat of a snare drum-whore. I am always experimenting with different snares. Different woods, metals, combinations, heads, snare wires. Well, basically everything. And I do this because I think your snare drum sound says a lot about who you are, music-wise. Here are the snares I own:

- 14x6.5 DW Brass Snare
- 14x6 DW Collectors Maple
- 14x6 DW EDGE Snare
- 14x6.5 SJC Custom Maple 30ply, vented snare
- 14x6 SJC Acrylic snare drum
- 10x5 Pearl Firecracker

Anyway, I was wondering how a 14x8 Collectors Birch snare drum might sound (with die-cast hoops)? I have been reading a lot about birch wood and I only hear good things. I have tried a couple birch snares in the past, and I have seen a ton of videos and reviews, and that is why I have been thinking that my next snare might be a 14x8 birch snare.

What do you guys think? Is anyone currently using a DW Collectors Birch snare? Will it fit well with my hard rock/grunge/punk background? Will it have that dry, loud crack out of rim shots that I'm looking for? If not, what other 14x8 snare would you recommend?

Just for reference, I play a DW Maple Collectors Series drum kit (24x20, 13x10, 16x13 and 18x14)

I apologize for the length of this thread, but I really need some help and advice.



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I imagine with that 8" depth it's not going to have a high crack to it but probably a lower louder sound to it that should project really well.


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If you want loud/crack, you should try the DW bamboo snare. I heard that they're great sounding snares, especially if you're playing loud music. My current favorite snare is a Jazz Series 6x14 with die cast hoops. I use it on rock gigs and it can have that dry loud crack, if you tension it right...

Birch might work Ok too. I'm a DW fan, but another great Birch alternative is an Eames 15 ply birch snare. They might fit the type of music that you play.


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What ! No Acrolite in your collection. No collection can be complete without the Mighty Acrolite.

Nice array of snare but IMO you should look to diversify your snare size. A stave or segmented 13" birch (or any other wood as a matter of fact) snare would give you another voice & color to your playing.

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I have a 14x5.5 Yamaha Stage Custom Birch snare, and it sounds wonderful (especially when you consider that it's a "stock" drum on an entry-level kit). I had never owned a birch drum before, but the more I play it, the more I like the sound. It has a more "pre- EQ'd" tone than maple does- I can play the drum wide open without tape or moongel and it doesn't give off too many harsh overtones. Also, I tried out a 14x7 Yamaha birch snare with die-cast hoops at my local music store, and it sounds very clean, with a deep, rich tone.