DW Coated snare head thicker than Ambassador?


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Sorry if this has been discussed before, I didn’t find it...

Yesterday I was searching something I’m my used heads archive and came along a DW coated snare head which was the stock head on my DW Collectors snare and a coated Ambassador (Remo USA). Not only the DW head was almost double the weight of the Ambassador - the film itself felt way heavier than the Ambassador. DW says it’s made of DuPont S film, but no thickness is given. Is there any information around what thickness the DW head has? Could it also be a two ply head? It has the numbers for tuning printed on which is not pictured at the single ply head on DWs page.
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That is my impression also. I've had quite a few. The counter hoop is heavier for sure. The Mylar is crimped in instead of glued in like a Remo ambassador. They are good heads. I play em until they are worn out and then replace them with an ambassador.