DW Clear Edge Heads

Ryan Culberson

Active Member
Anyone ever try them? I never even knew they existed before a few days ago. I got a new DW set that came with the stock clear heads with the coating around the edge. Great heads, but I prefer to add or subtract edge muffling manually (rings, Moonies, etc…).

These clear edge are the exact reverse of the stock heads. Coated all the way out to the edge, where the last inch or two is clear. I figure since I’m drinking the Good Kool Aid (with those yummy unicorn tears sprinkled in), might as well give these a try, too.

I actually prefer DW Remo heads to standard Remo heads. The hoops are different, the collar is different, and the overall quality seems to be of a higher standard than the “normal” Remo heads. Looking forward to having a go with them.

Would love to hear what these sound like! I don't think I've ever heard them being demonstrated anywhere before. There's a video on YouTube of John Good talking about them but that's it. Definitely like the concept of them but have yet to hear any actual recording of them.