DW buys Slingerland!

Bo Eder

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So, most drummers won't buy one, because not too many drummers know who Slingerland is.

Of the die-hard Slingerland Fans:
Half are on board as long as it's a good drum with the name
Half are already convinced it won't sound right even though not a drum has been produced yet. Lol
I'm probably in the category of "won't buy". But my reasoning is a little different.

I grew up on Slingerland from the age of 7 til I was 18 (mom and dad found me a 1940s Radio King kit in gold sparkle that was pretty used, and then later when I was 11, they got me a new black one with 12/13/16 concert toms, and a double-headed bass drum, with a 5x14 steel 8-lug snare. Over the years I would find some used Niles drums and use those. But from everything I remember, the drums weren't really anything to write home about. But then again, nothing really differentiated the Big Four from each other in those days, either. I never heard a recording and said "those sound like Ludwigs, or Gretsch, or...." All of those manufacturers were making drums about the same, and they all sounded about the same.

Perhaps this was the beginning of their fall from grace in the late 70s and early 80s (with the rise of Tama, Yamaha, and Pearl) - drum sounds were so generic, nobody cared who they were. Then here come the Japanese creating (sort of) identifiable sounds, and the market just goes there, and takes Slingerland and Rogers to the matte.

For nostalgia, I'd love to have another Slingerland kit in the house, especially now since mom and dad are gone, but I think I'll pass. I'm too busy trying to stay ahead of the now to spend any time remembering how things used to be. Almost every brand out there now is making great stuff - trying to play every one of those brands is a bucket list thing ;)


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This could be a blessing. When Dixon bought Rogers, they reissued the Dynasonic and made parts available.

Perhaps they might reissue the Radio King and compete with what George Way has been doing for the last decade.